Our Quick Check Lane enables Auto-Tec to carry out a number of vital checks quickly, all for free. This is the only fully operational Quick Check Lane in the UK.

Our thorough examination includes the Hunter Quick Check wheel alignment system, providing a rapid six point preliminary alignment diagnosis… in less than a minute!

We will also check brake performance. Our technicians use the Lane’s measurement plates to evaluate the vehicle’s stopping ability.

At each corner of our Lane is an inflation station, allowing tyres to be inflated to their correct pressure. The Hunter patented Quick Check tyre scanner assesses tread depth, sending the results to the system console.

Having teamed up with Midtronics the Quick Check Lane also measures a battery’s health and performance, all within a matter of seconds.

Lastly, we use Hunter’s CodeLink diagnostic tool to retrieve vital fault code information. Combined, these checks take under 5 minutes, and are complimentary of Auto-Tec Scotland.

After your check, your vehicle’s report will be emailed to you. This is alongside a personalised paper report.


No need for an appointment—just drop in!